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Getting dogs off chains will be one of the most fulfilling adventures of your lifetime!  It can be a very rewarding experience not only by helping make dogs' lives better but by improving your community through democracy. 

Even if you have had no experience in lobbying, building fences or dealing with chained dogs, or public officials, that’s ok.  You can do this.  We’ve done what you are about to do and we’re here to help you.  You can now learn each step required, in detail, from the people who actually have done the work. You’ll learn all the steps in an easy to navigate process, based on the hard work of many people who have done it all over America..Hundreds of people are cheering you on!

This website offers you a tutorial allowing you to experience the entire process of passing a law before you even get started!  It will help keep your expectations in-line, and provide motivation and support.  

ChainFreeNation.org is an organization devoted exclusively to helping community organizers and dog lovers become advocates for creating an anti-chaining law from a “been there-done that” perspective.  We hope you enjoy this site and please provide us with feedback.  If you need to have a specific question answered, just click on Forum and post.  TEST BY CHAT.